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Since 'the geek shall inherit the earth', this geek is just waiting for his day to rule the world. In the meantime, he is a young Padawan for CNET Asia whilst toying with a myriad of fun stuff disguised as work and pretending to advise companies on tech business and new media strategies. His playmates range from startups, (un)Fortune 500s, to government organisations.
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  • 06Jul

    As you might have already noticed, this blog hasn’t been updated in ages. Life has brought on many new priorities, especially with my 4 month old baby Maranatha Khoo.

    "Daddy, tell me about this world"

    "Daddy, tell me about this world.."

    Even my CNET blogging has taken on a new direction. From now on, you can find my blog posts on CNET Crave and my Geekonomics blog will be archived.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back to this blog soon. In the meantime, you can always find me on twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.


  • 22Mar

    200x150[1] Came across this release by Symantec a week back. Now why is this geek not surprised? Guess the now and current is more important to many than the past. Interesting angle Symantec took to do the survey, I must say, including questions on whether victims would be willing to pay a ransom to get their phones back. This geek was just musing about “internet dependency”. I guess this warrants some thought on the new topic “mobile dependency”.

    About half of Singaporeans have had their mobile phone lost or stolen and 84 percent of them found the experience stressful.

    SINGAPORE, 15 March 2011 – Smartphones today have become an indispensable tool in our everyday life; as our primary way to communicate, work, share and collaborate.  A survey conducted by Norton reveals that 52 percent of adults in Singapore have fallen victim to mobile phone loss or theft, and despite that, only 37 percent currently have a password protecting their devices.  The imminent need for mobile protection is increasingly important in Singapore where 89 percent of Singaporeans never leave home without their mobile phones and nearly half cannot live without their phones.

    Read more…


  • 02Mar

    Syniverse Singapore’s so far behind South Korea when it comes to mobile infrastructure and technology. In fact, our infrastructure has become so overloaded that I think Singaporeans will be happy just to be able to make phone calls without lines dropping. At least it’s true for this geek and my friends.

    So we can only dream of the days when mobile video becomes as ubiquitous in Singapore as it is now in Japan and South Korea. I guess this technology by Syniverse is one good example of how the South Koreans are powering ahead while we are left “buffering”.

    New video offering gives consumers industry-first ability to send live video broadcasts to any mobile device or PC on any network

    SINGAPORE – Feb. 28, 2011 – Consumers have long wanted a face-to-face connection via mobile and now those in South Korea can have it. Syniverse Technologies announced today that Korea Telecom (KT), the country’s largest fixed-line operator and its second-largest mobile network operator, is deploying a new mobile video broadcast service that is interoperable across every 3G and 4G network and device, as well as PCs. (more after the break)

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  • 25Jan

    ref_iphone4_2up_angle[1]This geek wrote about the advent of the App Store 2 years back. This is definitely an irreversible trend that has gone past it’s tipping point many years back. 10 Billion is a significant number, no matter how you look at it. More details in the release after the break.

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  • 03Oct

    tencent-qq-download This geek has been trying out QQ, the communication tool from Tencent that is even more ubiquitous than email in China, to keep in touch with some of my friends there. QQ was even installed as the standard operating desktop in the all-in-one PC that replaced my hotel room’s TV in Shen Zhen. Check out the recent splash screen:

    QQ Facebook


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  • 02Jul

    Came across this post by Brett: Why Developers Should Never Agree to an Earnout… which reminds me of my own sad story of an earnout deal which although was much smaller, basically had similar endings. The profit targets were not met because the guys who took over changed the business strategy not too long after taking over. Makes me wonder how many other high profile M&A deals the likes of YouTube, etc had the same problems?


  • 09Jun

    This is interesting. First of all, to have boot camps sprout out all over China for “internet addicts”. I’ve seen TV reports of these addicts given jabs daily but nobody knows what is contained in the jabs. And now this mutiny. Makes me wonder if these boot camps will ever open in countries like Singapore and Korea?


  • 10May

    Had an interesting and eventful Saturday where I was invited to share at the PAYM Policy Forum @ Hong Kah GRC & Chua Chu Kang SMC. The discussion eventually centered more around policy making for online dangers i.e. what we more commonly know as cyber wellness topics like cyber security, cyber bullying, etc. There was a fair bit of discussion around Facebook privacy issues, especially since I mentioned that last week I could actually see very private information about my Facebook friends like their chat conversations, etc. Some of the tech65 guys were there which made the conversation more interesting. Of key discussion was whether the onus of cyber wellness and safety rested on the individual, the parents, the education system, or for that matter, the government.

    After that,

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  • 30Jan

    So, this geek had absolutely no idea what to do when approached by Asia Pacific Breweries (APB)’s agency on hosting a party promoting savvy drinking. But they knew it was a cause close to my heart having seen my tweets and sure enough, I decided to host a party to promote this cause amongst my friends. To start off, I checked with some friends what date was best for them and then sent out a video invite along with my email invite:

    Guests who signed up received this ‘e-ticket’:

    (this ticket is Joe's, the dude who helped me take some pictures of the party)

    This geek had many crazy ideas for my party, including Read more…



  • 23Jul

    Have you been reading this blog even though I’ve not been updating it for a while? At least the stats seems to hint at that.

    Anyways, this geek has been really busy but you can still catch my weekly posts at my CNET Asia Blog where you will read about how I recently got involved with Singapore’s Blogathon and somehow by some miracle managed to win the Judges’ Choice Award after 24 hours of blogging. It was definitely a very unique experience that I wasn’t sure about in the beginning but came out of it with memories that will surely last a lifetime.

    Anyways, I’ve been working on a book on gaming and new media which you’ve hear about soon enough as we are working on the publisher now. I’ve also got involved with a new site which you’ll hear about very soon.

    It doesn’t look like I’ll continue blogging here anytime soon, but do keep the press releases and news coming, I’ll put them up as and when I can (and if I find them interesting enough of course).


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