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Since 'the geek shall inherit the earth', this geek is just waiting for his day to rule the world. In the meantime, he is a young Padawan for CNET Asia whilst toying with a myriad of fun stuff disguised as work and pretending to advise companies on tech business and new media strategies. His playmates range from startups, (un)Fortune 500s, to government organisations.
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  • 10Feb

    It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited over a new phone. Even though the Blackberry Bold has been around for a while and I’ve kinda resisted getting it for months. I was simply blown away when I finally got it. It’s like falling in love all over again. Sorry, I did say I’m a geek right?

    I installed a nice theme on the desktop with 13 icons, loving it!


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  • 05Feb

    Interesting innovation by the Japanese. Can be very useful indeed.


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  • 31Jan

    This must be one of the best public service announcements ever.

    City Alive! held in conjunction with the annual Chingay Parade is going to be the BIGGEST and FUNKIEST street party in Singapore! And It’s happening tonight!

    DJ Sassy Pendez

    Maxim’s world’s sexiest DJ Sassy Pandez is in town and this photo was taken at the media event at TOPSHOP, Vivocity last night.

    So quickly get your tickets from SISTIC and I’ll see you later in town, on the streets!


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  • 15Dec

    Well, this was the top ten Google global searches of 2008 according to the Google zeitgeist.

    Fastest Rising (Global)

    1. sarah palin
    2. beijing 2008
    3. facebook login
    4. tuenti
    5. heath ledger
    6. obama
    7. nasza klasa
    8. wer kennt wen
    9. euro 2008
    10. jonas brothers

    Too bad it was not the whole world that voted in the US elections. Then again, Read more…


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  • 13Dec

    I found this study hard to believe until I read the report myself… still quite mind-boogling, I’d say. Well, the youth mind is always difficult to understand.


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  • 08Dec

    I was just reviewing my blogs recently and I think this is the most worthless of the blogs that I maintain.

    You see, according to ://URLfan recommended by Pat Law, this blog is not even listed.

    At least my highway blog is listed on ://URLfan though I don’t write on it much. And even though I don’t write on my highway blog much, it still has pretty decent traffic.

    Geekonomics @ CNET Asia of course is the most high traffic of the 3 blogs I painfully maintain amidst my busy schedule. And I do make time to blog there regularly 2-3 times a week - for contractual reasons. And it’s has to be all original content, I can’t just sticky something up there - a big Juniper (tree) will probably crush and kill me.

    But look at this blog. Although it has a pagerank of 4 and just crossed the 100k pageviews mark (since it’s inception around June according to stats counter ‘wassup’), it is not even listed on urlfan and I don’t spend half as much effort on it as I do on my CNET Asia blog. And at least the highway of life has been recognised with a blog of the day award before.

    Briefly scrolling through my posts on this blog, most of them are either press releases or just stickies of what I’ve read. I haven’t made enough effort to create better content. (And I have to login regularly to delete the spam that chalks up to 3 figures on akismet weekly)

    It’s junk, even to me. I don’t even know why you even bother to read it.

    I think I should either close it down or revamp it.



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  • 30Nov

    Inspired by my fellow CNET Blogger Michael’s post, I did a check on friendster and was shocked to see how closely I was related to the poor Singaporean Lo Hwei Yen who was brutally murdered in Mumbai. This is what my friendster showed up :

    Connections to Hwei Yen

    You are connected to Hwei Yen through: 

    You - TamMee - Yinfu - Hwei Yen
    You - Jackson - Gene - Hwei Yen
    You - Jackson - Teck Boon - Hwei Yen
    You - Remy - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Adrian - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - StevieC - Faz - Hwei Yen
    You - StevieC - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - StevieC - Mae Shaan - Hwei Yen
    You - StevieC - KeX - Hwei Yen
    You  StevieC - Geraldine - Hwei Yen
    You - Malcolm - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Malcolm - Wendy - Hwei Yen
    You - Malcolm - Rachel - Hwei Yen
    You - Kelly - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Mudd - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Stella - Isaac - Hw-ei Yen
    You - Eugene - Dimin - Hwei Yen
    You - Andy - Jesse - Hwei Yen
    You - Andy - Pamela - Hwei Yen
    You - Andy - Teck Boon - Hwei Yen
    You - Timothy - James - Hwei Yen
    You - Timothy - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Timothy - Rachel - Hwei Yen
    You - Alf - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Jared - Jesse - Hwei Yen
    You - Ah-ze - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Wynne - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Aidil - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Adriene - Varian - Hwei Yen
    You - Moe - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Isman - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Mdc - Keith - Hwei Yen
    You - Terence - Teck Boon - Hwei Yen

    I was supposed to be in Mumbai anytime around this period and was just there at the Taj Hotel in Jan of this year. As if the reality of the whole terror was not close enough, this whole friendster discovery just made everything that much closer. 

    She had a wonderful life and so much ahead of her and it’s all gone now because of some stupid selfish morons. 

    Thus is the frailty of life in this uncertain world in which we live today.

    You’ll always live on the internet and in our hearts, Hwei Yen.



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  • 27Nov

    A 15-YEAR-OLD jumped from the 11th-floor bedroom window of his home - in front of his mother - after a disagreement with his parents over his intention to switch his co-curricular activity (CCA) in school.

    Tan Wen Yi had wanted to switch from track-and-field to drama but his parents were against it.

    Up till then, no one would have thought Wen Yi as a troubled or even self-destructive sort. The Secondary 3 student of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) was described as cheerful and was well-liked by his classmates and respectful towards his teachers, the Coroner’s Court heard yesterday.


    Someone sent this to me with a strange comment : 

    “If put into a normal context of bad press for gaming, now track and field officially is bad for kids just like gaming.”

    It might be a strange comment, but isn’t that what it all comes down to? Whether it’s gaming or anything else, a lot it has to do with the parenting.

    But parents don’t know what to do in this strange new digital world today. Hopefully SCOGA can help them understand their kids better in terms of gaming and bridge the digital divide there. But SCOGA can’t help them in track and field and drama. That’s just plain poor parenting. Poor kid.


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  • 22Nov

    This is interesting. I guess next they’ll build a bank with Lego too?

    Lego Safe

    Lego Safe

    (Image from Gizmodo)


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  • 13Nov

    Since end Sept, I think the time I’ve spent in Singapore are more like stop-overs, the shortest being 4 hours when I came back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur and left for Chicago 4 hours later. Let me see, the cities I’ve been to include Moscow, Samara, Dubai, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Chicago, Indiana, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, and a couple of other American states. It was really great to experience the American Elections in the States itself!

    I’m in Brunei now and had the chance to speak at a great event - the Inaugural Brunei THiNKBIG National Technology Forum. It was quite overwhelming to be interviewed by the local dailies almost right after touching down! To hear the Permanent Secretary from the Prime Minister’s Office share about their national technology roadmap, to talk about new media alongside great speakers like Dan Neary (VP of Ebay for Emerging Markets), Edward Orange who’s in charge of IBM’s Collaborative Technologies, David Abberton(Partner of Accenture Brunei), Chow Yen Lu(a former Chief Scientist for Apple), and many more distinguished presenters. In many ways, it was humbling to be sharing the same stage with the very best and to be sharing to a crowd which represents some of the very best in the nation. Very eye-opening and a great experience indeed. With the setup of the National Incubator, the iCentre, technology never looked so good in Brunei. I hope this inaugural event will be the tipping point of technology and new media proliferation and adoption in Brunei! The responses I saw today was certainly very encouraging!

    Oh, did I mention that the Empire hotel where they put me up is overlooking the horizon of the South China Sea and is decked out in 21k gold? Well technically, this is the first time I’m blogging with gold everywhere around me. Blogging should ALWAYS be like this :p

    Throughout my travels, I brought with me the latest Kohjinsha SX and SC series which has been great for travelling because of the small form factor, durability, light-weight, and wonderful battery lives. I’ve been able to work comfortably on long flights, hotels, airports and in the conferences.

    I also brought with me the Canon 1000D on part of the journey for capturing some of the moments. I’ve just been too busy to process and upload the photos but promise you’ll be seeing some of them soon!

    Next stop is Shenzhen and Seoul where I’ll be presenting at some Tech Bloggers Conference. Think I’ll get to meet the guys from Digg, Engadget, and Gizmodo. Looking forward to that!

    I’ll then be back by the 20th to host the world’s first arcade eSports event outside of Japan at Anime Festival Asia ‘08 called the Singapore Arcade Showdown. Street Fighter IV will be launched in Singapore at the event so head on down to SUNTEC Convention during 22nd and 23rd Nov and experience the anime culture like you’ve never before!

    And do you remember the fundraiser I was crazily working on with SCOGA 2 months back raising funds for some Singaporean cybersports champions to take part in the World Cyber Games the ‘cyber Olympics’ Grand Finals? One of the gamers SCOGA helped to raise funds for just won the silver medal! Congratulations Danny! Thanks for doing Singapore and SCOGA proud! And thanks to all of you for supporting in one way or another, you definitely deserve to share in this proud moment.

    Busy busy. Welcome to the story of my life. I do miss out on quite a lot of stuff back home, especially a few social media events! Things will pretty much stay at this rate till end of January from what I’m expecting now. I didn’t even get a chance to unwrap and play with my Nintendo Wii - but I did manage to get the Apple iPod Touch 2nd Gen and it’s been lovely for my travelling so far!

    Hope to update you again soon, stay tuned!

    UPDATE : Here’s a lovely story by Rano, the top news blogger in Brunei whom I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting:

    Geekonomics and RanoAdidas

    Geekonomics and RanoAdidas

    and also with former CNET Blogger (Brunei) whom I finally got the chance to meet in person, Reeda! What a cool dude :p

    Geekonomics with Reeda of AnakBrunei

    Geekonomics with Reeda of AnakBrunei (Credits to Rano for the picture)

    p.s. I have no idea why but I think my server was flooded during the elections where I posted some posts related to the elections. It can be quite frustrating to blog while being on the road when sometimes I have limited access to the internet :(

    Anyways, Xmas is round the corner, what’s your Xmas wish? Check out my wish!


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