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Since 'the geek shall inherit the earth', this geek is just waiting for his day to rule the world. In the meantime, he is a young Padawan for CNET Asia whilst toying with a myriad of fun stuff disguised as work and pretending to advise companies on tech business and new media strategies. His playmates range from startups, (un)Fortune 500s, to government organisations.
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  • 15Sep

    This geek is not familiar with thermal management inside the PC although I’ve dabbled a little with over-clocking before. This sounds like a breakthrough and I wonder how does it compare with some of the other cooling methods the extreme over-clockers use.

    INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM 2010, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010– US Technology Consortium (USTC), the leading developer of Metrological Test Validation Tools for Debugging processors, today announced the achievement of the best cooling solution on the market.  This cooling solution utilizes interlocking longitudinal axis, opposing jet technology.  Called T-Collider Jet™ Cooling Technology, this technology comprises assets that are scalable, without inherent limitations of other fluid heat sinks, making it viable for applications from microprocessors, to servers,  rack systems, data centers, radar,  lasers, military and to aerospace and beyond.


    USTC heat sinks, cold plates and heat exchangers are the core of cold-to-hot temperature testing especially needed for testing at the R&D level of today’s microprocessors that have infiltrated the global marketplace with requirements in a myriad of electronic devices that are expected to flawlessly perform in every type of environmental application.

    “Our industry has David’s and Goliaths.  Though we may be a David in size, today we are Goliath’s in achievement. USTC and our Consortium member, Ecologence, under the direction of our CTO, Dr Mikhail Spokoyny, we have achieved major breakthroughs that remove roadblocks for the microprocessor and related industries,” said Jim Kerner, President/CEO, at USTC.

    “This achievement was not derived from normal theoretical paths and was not predictable by prior art.  We entered new, unchartered territory, and we are creating new theoretical dimensions.  We are relatives of Neil Armstrong….but by oxymoron…. as Armstrong piloted to outer space, we have piloted to the inner and unchartered micro and nano spaces in our components.”

    The T-Collider Jet™ Cooling Technology assets are highlighted by the lowest thermal resistance in the industry with performance to 4°C per 100W; the highest Critical Heat Flux approaching 1200W/cm2; the structure to suppress processor hot spots for ultra-efficiency.

    The implementation of T-Collier Jet™ Cooling Technology changes the game in thermal management.  The technology is not just ecologically friendly; it is poised to start saving the global community billions of dollars in energy costs through implementation in the electronic systems and centers that the World depends upon. 

    About US Technology Consortium
    USTC ( is a primary developer and manufacturer of Metrological Tools for Validation and Debugging of electronic devices providing support services in a broad range of thermal management solutions. The company is privately held and headquartered in Chico, CA.  USTC is in alliance with its Consortium member, Ecologence, LLC, with the world’s most advanced heat sink, cold plate  and liquid-to-air heat exchanger thermal management components utilizing the new breakthrough T-Collier Jet™ Cooling Technology.  The company’s customers include the world’s leading processor and computer manufacturers.


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